Monday, November 28, 2011

Two out of three ain’t bad

Awesome decision #1 of the day:  running a mile at lunch – even when it was misty – and really pushing myself when I wanted to stop (I took only a couple walk breaks)

Awesome decision #2 of the day: picking a killer butternut squash/chicken/apple cider vinaigrette salad over pizza for girls’ night.

butternut squash salad

Poor decision of the day: using girls’ night as an excuse to bitch about dudes and eat Ben & Jerry’s.  Hey…2 awesome decisions start to outweigh one bad one, right? Winking smile  And damn, it felt good to stretch my legs and lungs.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

External Motivators Be Damned

I’m pretty much the queen of Leaving Them Hanging, eh?  The wedding happened.  The dress fit.


And a good time was had by all.

Lofton and Kat

And ever since then, I’ve been eating like crazy - a no-holds-barred sort of free-for-all for the past month.  To the tune of at least 5 pounds, to boot.  So…I think that’s a huge sign to me – external motivators to lose weight only make me rebound and “rebel.”  And now I’m getting sucked into the Holiday/New Year rationale traps:  “the holidays come once a year!” and “I’ll get through the holidays and then buckle down.”  I KNOW this is bullshit, and I try to convince others of it on a daily basis.  Is it so heavily ingrained into society that I’m falling prey to it?  Is it just an easy out to be lazy and not watch what I’m eating?  I’m also REALLY thinking about going gluten-free, but I know this is the wrong time of year to do it.  However, like with weight loss, now is as good a time as any, right?  I’ve been better over the past month or two with keeping a food diary, but it’s not consistent.  During the work week I’m about 80% on track with writing everything down, but over the weekend it all goes out the window, which is an easier excuse to eat crap. 

With the quarter-life crisis I seem to still be falling prey to, in addition to stupid irrational girl emotions that are taking over even when I’m consciously trying to squelch them, I find myself wanting to take up running again.  But I’m scared.  Scared my endurance won’t come back (I can jog a mile now with a few walk breaks), semi-scared someone driving by will kidnap me or yell something at me…these are IRRATIONAL fears, so I just need to get my ass out there and do it.

I’m also at a weird place where I LOVE being alone.  I LOVE my home and doing my own thing every day, but when I have the urge to hang out with people, the handful of good friends I have are rarely available.  So I’m at that point where I’m desperate – online dating,, anything to meet new people.  But with these 5 pounds and recent blaaahhhh feeling, my confidence is shot.

Somebody call the waaahhhhmbulance – this post went to a dark, pitiful place!! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The “Dress Doesn’t Fit” Fit

So, Lofton’s getting married.  Not news.  When trying on and ordering my bridesmaid dress, I was so used to being waaaay too big for the sample size that I refused to try it on, especially since it was at a posh little boutique where the staff and clientele usually turn up their noses at big girls.  The gals there measured me and found my bust to correspond to a size 12 (yaaaaay Itty Bitty Titty Committee!), my waist was a size 14 (ok, well…that’s…not as awesome), and my hips to a size 16/18 (screw every tape measurer that ever was).  I was resigned to ordering the 18 and altering the dress to fit me everywhere else, but after some coaxing, I finally tried on the sample for a laugh.

It fit.

A size 12 fit like a glove.

Holy crap.

I was delighted every day after ordering my size 12 dress and took great pride in knowing that ALLLLL of the bridesmaids were wearing the same size.  While they were probably cursing having to wear a bigger size than they’re used to, finally I was roughly the same size as my friends.  I haven’t celebrated a milestone like that in a good long while.

So then the dress I ordered came in.  I don’t know if the sample had stretched or if I had gotten cocky in the meantime and expanded (“wooo, I’m the same size as my friends, bitchezzz!  I’m “normal!” I can eat whatever I want!!”), but I was afraid to even attempt to zip it up for fear I’d bust a seam.

Size 12 Bridesmaid Dress

And thus began “The Dress Doesn’t Fit” Fit.  For the past 6 weeks I’ve been dieting and bingeing off and on - never a HUGE binge, but remarkably more splurges than I usually have, and always premeditated.  And in this Fit, I’ve realized something about myself.  When I’m up against a deadline, I’ll procrastinate until the last minute.  I’ll find everything BUT that thing to do.  I’ll drag my feet and fart around until it’s crunch time, then I’ll put my nose to the grindstone…and then find something that needs reorganizing…and then cram the work in really hard until it’s done, half-assedly and usually the wrong way.

Is it the thought of an externally-applied deadline that makes me rebel?  A deadline at all?  I did it in school, I’ve done it at work, and now I’ve done it with this stupid dress.  I tried super-hard to lose weight, FINALLY started losing again and even saw the 170s on the scale at work – a scale notorious for weighing me 3-5lbs higher than mine at home – only to bounce back and eat a bunch of crap I don’t need out of arrogance, celebration, or boredom.

So my theory is, the thought of having to do something “not fun” makes me want to do “fun” stuff all that much more (“hurry and have fun while you still can, before you can’t anymore”).  Ideally what I should do is weave the “fun” and “not fun” together to create a constant baseline of “…eh,” thus increasing my chances that my habits and activities will be more consistent and less yo-yo-ish.  Right?  That sounds so boring, but probably more realistically, I just shouldn’t stray too much from that baseline, either in restricting or indulging.  I’m not expected to be “…eh” all the time, but I shouldn’t go so far into one extreme versus the other.

Have you seen that concept of “from one extreme to another” or “rebelling against a deadline/goal” in yourself?  Have you successfully been able to beat that way of thinking, or do you still struggle with it?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A not-so-sweet experiment

Hey, guess what these are:

flat, brittle meringue

Well, guess what they’re supposed to be…. 

Yeeeeah, that’s my first attempt at a Splenda-based meringue.  Probably not possible, but I had to see for myself.  I’ve never made real meringues before, so I had no idea what I was after to begin with.  Now I can say with certainty that this recipe didn’t work.  Maybe it was the fact that I used straight Splenda instead of the Baking Blend, or maybe because my vanilla had gone bad, but they turned out flat, brittle, and tasted like salt.  Plus, this recipe only required 15-20 minutes in the oven…that’s not typical, right?

Here’s an action shot of my 2nd batch made with this recipe from the Splenda website, though I did add about 2Tbls of real sugar to it, too.

fluffy, puffy meringue

Looking better already, huh?  These babies have about 20 more min before I turn off the oven and leave them overnight.  Stay tuned…

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Viva la Vista and Newish Hobbies

I’ve got to fit into a bridesmaid dress in about 4 weeks, and as a result I haven’t been doing a whole lot in the kitchen as of late.  A lot of meat ‘n’ veggies and not much else…not very blogworthy.  Though today was an occasion for bending the rules – Viva la Vista – a food festival in downtown Columbia

It’s late September, officially autumn, and it was about 90° today.  I really wanted to try some nontraditional fare, but I wasn’t in the right mindset to stand in 90° heat and eat shrimp and grits.  Instead I went for comfort food (after I got a Shock Top upon arrival while waiting on my friend).   First I got a mini salted caramel chocolate cupcake from Cupcake.

mini salted caramel chocolate cupcake

Next was a bananas foster pudding dessert from Liberty Taproom and a 2nd beer – a Southern Tier Harvest Ale.

bananas foster and beer

About now was when I started thinking to myself, “hmm…maybe I should have some ‘real’ food instead of just sugar and alcohol…”  I wanted to try something I’d never had before, but none of the items sounded good since I was so uncomfortably hot and sweaty.  Chicken salad on half a croissant from Nonnah’s it was.

chicken salad croissant

We walked the entire length of the festival again before I decided I wanted a good ol’ fashioned slice of pizza from Mellow Mushroom.


And what better way to wash it down than strawberry cheesecake gelato from Peace, Love, & Rocky Roast?

strawberry cheesecake gelato

I’d have been more than fine without that pizza, but it just looked (and tasted) soooo gooooood.  I wish I had been in more of a mood to try off-the-wall stuff – there was a veggie sandwich and some blue cheese fries that looked to die for – but the weather today just SUCKED for a food festival in September.  Still, I’m looking forward to it again next year – it was a neat concept and a great way to check out some area restaurants I’ve never tried before!

In other news, I’m knitting again thanks to this chick:

Giuliana in sweater

She’s modeling the little shrug I made her, but it’ll take awhile until she’s able to fit into the sweater dress:

baby shrugbaby sweater dress

And I recently went pottery-painting with her and her parents.  I like being artsy again!pottery painting

I’m also into geocaching lately…do any of you do it?  Have you ever met up with a geocaching group or do you go on your own?  I’ve had some GPS issues on my phone, but when it actually works as it should, it’s fun!  What kinds of artistic things do you do to keep your mind busy?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

How Katherine got her Groove Back

Well that’s a pretty presumptuous title…I’m starting to get my groove back.  First off, I’ve been walking/hiking a few times in the past couple of weeks – something way out of the ordinary for me given my sluggishness the past few months.  Then to really get the ball rolling, I Redboxed Zumba for Wii the other night.

Zumba for Wii

It took me a good 15 minutes to get loosened up (and shrug off the possibility that I could maaaaybe be seen through my blinds by passers-by…), but I did a good 45 minutes of this game, and it was fun!  I miss going to Zumba and walking out feeling all sweaty and sexy.  I am so self-conscious that my body is perpetually stiff; Zumba helped loosen my hips up a bit.  I might just have to buy this one!

I think that game got my momentum going, because I was found myself deliciously sore the next day and craving other forms of exercise.  I even got brave enough to join my boss at a pilates/yoga class at our gym Saturday morning (waaaaaay out of my comfort zone).  I anticipated something more akin to the yoga classes I miss so much from my old gym, but this was a faster-paced ass-kicker of a class.  There were a couple of times I thought I would pass out, but I felt like a million bucks for the rest of the day, and I think I’d like to go back. I need accountability, and I’ve set myself up for it with this class.  1) I talked to the teacher and told her I was new but familiar with yoga, and as a result, she kept her eye on me; 2) I obviously struggled the most out of everyone, 3) I told the teacher I’d like to come back, and 4) my buddy in the class is my bariatric doctor/boss…I’d feel like a turd if I wussed out.

Today I explored some trails in a nearby forest with my dog, and it felt so good to be out early in the morning getting fresh air in my lungs.  Then afterward, I was going to get a skinny iced latte at Starbucks but noticed they had PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES again!!! 

pumpkin spice latte

I thought they weren’t due for a couple more days!  So obviously I had to get one…I didn’t, however, have to get the slice of cinnamon loaf I got with it.  [sigh]

I’m experimenting in the kitchen again, too.  Yesterday I made a fig pizza again like last year (though I’ve switched to gluten-free crust!)

fig pizzafig pizza with arugula

tonight I made my favorite butternut squash soup, but I added some red pepper flakes.  Hooooo boy.

butternut squash soup

I also made a chicken dish – I sliced some chicken breasts and put in some sliced Mini Babybel cheese and sliced ham, and on top I poured a mixture of dry onion soup mix whisked with chicken broth and dijon mustard and let it bake for 45 minutes at 375°.

onion dijon chicken cordon bleu

So now that I’m sore and loving it, I’m motivated to keep it up (I’m tired of telling people “yeah, I’ve still got about 30 pounds to lose, just gotta get my head in the game,” and I’ve got some events coming up that I superficially want to look good for).  What’s more, a lot of our patients have asked me for good low-carb veggie recipes lately, and I feel the need to deliver.  Also, I’m excited to keep up this blogging accountability; I’ve missed everyone, and I miss being so aware of what I’m doing.  Disordered eating is such a secretive thing – perceiving my life in a public way (“how can I blog this?”) really helps me keep myself in check. 

Have you had to step away from blogging for awhile only to realize some surprising truths about yourself and/or blogging?  I’ve realized a lot of the food/fitness blogging/bloggers I followed months ago were extremely disordered, but I also realize that writing publicly about my efforts causes me to re-evaluate just how (un)healthy my habits are.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Housewife Shower and Distracting Myself

My friend Lofton got married last year in a nice-but-quickie “let’s sign some papers before he enlists in the Army” ceremony, so they’re doing a big one this year close to their 1-year anniversary.  That means we get to have showers for her!

Lofton loves Guinness and stout beers in general, so Kaycee made her some Guinness cupcakes (I made the picks!)…

Guinness cupcakes

Guests each got their own martini glasses

Martini Glasses

And I made a punch of cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and diet ginger ale to which guests could add vodka and/or rum.

DIY cocktails

Obviously our colors were teal blue and red!


Lofton’s not much for cooking and baking, so our favors included her favorite cookie and its recipe…

Lofton's cookie recipe: buy. break. bake. eat.

Kaycee made mini-meatloafs with mashed potatoes piped on like frosting.  AH. MAH. GAH.

Mini meatloafs with mashed potato "frosting"

We also had green beans and mac ’n’ cheese – all classic comfort foods!

mini meatloaf, green beans, mac 'n' cheese

We dressed in 50s-ish attire (those red paper lanterns make great hats for Kaycee and myself…)


I want to get married for many reasons, but mostly so I can put a KitchenAid mixer on my registry…

KitchenAid Mixer

I love these gals!


I’ve been having a tough time lately, and I hate that I can never predict when a day will be good or bad (I know, I know – I should be the one to dictate whether I’ll have a good or bad day).  I spent some time with my good friend Joy the other night who was visiting from NYC and had a great time with her, but after she and I parted ways, I encountered someone I didn’t want to see, and I let it ruin my night.  I’ve gotta learn to let things go, to let it roll off my back, to not hold onto grudges and anger.  I’ve found I’m more likely to self-soothe with food when I’m upset like that, and I’ve spent way too much time being upset over the past few months.  I can’t backslide and fall into the same patterns I did years ago.  I refuse.

I’ve picked up knitting again and have spent some time coloring mandalas, both in an effort to distract me from thinking too much.  And of course I’m hanging out with my friends a lot, but it’s tough not to compare myself to them, their relationships, their jobs, their appearances.  Not good.  I am finding the urge to exercise again, so that’s awesome.  Now that I can look forward to the weather getting cooler soon, I’m hoping to take up running again.

Now I’m faced with the dilemma of where to meet people.  I don’t hang out in bars and don’t go to church, so I have no idea where to make new friends now that several of mine are moving away, tied up with relationships and marriage, busy with kids, etc., and I definitely don’t know how to meet guys.  Meetup groups?  Online dating?  Just walk up to random strangers on the street?  This was so much easier in college…

Thursday, August 18, 2011

And in an ultimate “that’s so meta” move…

I’ll ask you guys what questions to ask…

  • What kinds of questions would YOU ask weight loss patients in order to engage them on Facebook?
  • If you were to write a blog post or email digest with an audience of weight loss patients, what kinds of things would you include?  I’m thinking recipes, motivational quotes, websites with resources (portion size quizzes, etc.)…?
  • I’m trying to think outside the box, not be lame, not do cutesy crap that’ll just get overlooked…it’s friggin’ difficult!

Finding and Fostering Motivation

Stream-of-consciousness post ahoy.  Ye be warned.

Obviously I’ve got motivational issues of my own, especially when it comes to weight loss.  But what am I supposed to do when that very dilemma is one I’m facing at work, too?  For over 20 years I’ve struggled with my weight, and it has negatively impacted so many aspects of my life.  So now that I work for a weight loss clinic – the very clinic through which I got help losing weight – struggling to find motivation not only affects me personally but professionally.

I’m really trying lately to engage the clients, get them reaching out for support, sharing ideas, and actively participating in taking ownership of their habits.  But I feel like a failure sometimes when I can’t do the same for myself.  Through years of various weight loss regimens and degrees of study, I KNOW the right things to do in order to lose weight and change habits, but it’s odd how that knowledge breaks down when I try to apply it to myself.  I’ve been in a post-dump funk for a few months and have kinda let my eating habits slide – I’ve sought out the company of others to cheer me up, and inevitably we’ll gather over food and drinks.  Thanks to my “coping” skills, I’ve gained 5 pounds in about a month, all the while having patients at the clinic ask me each day, “so how are YOU doing with your weight?” Everyone there knows I still have 20-30lbs I want to lose, and I’m totally fine being open about it, but it makes me feel guilty knowing I’m such a hypocrite – pushing a weight loss regimen I’m not even strong enough to follow myself lately.

I keep dishing out hints and tips, all the while thinking in the back of my mind, “I did that a few times when I was super-motivated at first…”  But after awhile I’m wondering if I’m subconsciously unwilling to accept these weight management tips as lifelong rules I’ll have to follow.  It’s this pitfall that has gotten me into trouble so many times before.  I can’t expect to lose weight and suddenly be able to eat whatever I want without repercussions, or else the cycle will start itself all over again.

Along with trying to encourage dialogue and active participation among the patients, I’m trying to use social media and community-building tools in and around the office.  There are only so many things you can post on Facebook (like “what’s your favorite exercise routine?” or “got any new low-carb recipes to share?”) before wondering “is anyone really paying attention, or am I just being annoying and turning them off?”

It’s a hard thing to get people talking about something they 1) aren’t used to talking about, and 2) might not even ben comfortable talking about in the first place.  My friend (hi, M!) confessed to Lizzie and me a few months back that she’s been more open with talking about her own health and weight since we were so obnoxious vocal about ours.  Of course at first I felt good to hear that, but then I got kinda sad realizing that weight management isn’t as huge an elephant in the room for everyone as it is for me.  Sad not for them, but for me – it’s literally ALWAYS been at the front of my mind.  And now that I seem to be teetering on the edge of success and relapse, I have to worry about motivating others, too. 

Having said all that (just to get it off my chest, really), I AM feeling more encouraged lately, like I really turned a corner this past week depression-wise, and I’m excited about a couple of new ventures I’m taking at the office.  While it’s sad sometimes to realize weight management will always be a problem for me, I do take pride in the thought that maybe I can help others with their weight, too.  And sometimes I even get to use some of my fancy college-learnin’ around the office, so that makes me feel pretty useful!  I hope this post hasn’t come across as *too* whiny – maybe because weight management is and will always be at the front of my mind, I’ll be better able to control it should it start to get out of hand again.  And since it’s always been a problem for me, I feel it does help me better empathize with the people I encounter every day.

I’ve just gotta keep brainstorming about how to help others keep their heads in the game, keep things interesting, and get people helping others and themselves…easy peasy, right?  Smile with tongue out

Monday, August 15, 2011

Who am I?

Misery loves company.  You know who also loves company?  20-somethings who don’t know where the hell their lives are going.  My buddy Jordy recently wrote a blog about trying to figure out who he really is, and it made me realize that I owe it to myself to do the same.  Sometimes I find myself changing based on who I’m around, and I realize it’s because I’m so insecure with myself that I try too hard to fit in.  Not cool, Kat.

So who am I?  What do I like?  I think I set a negative tone up there with the word “misery” – I don’t think it’s a burden to be in this position but rather a gift (that’s what I’m telling myself, at least!).  I’m not trying to kiss anyone’s ass at the moment (I’m single, living on my own, am happy in my job), so I’m in a place where I can really spend time to find myself and find some internal motivation to lose weight and keep it off.

So one decision at a time, I’m discovering myself.  To start exemplifying, here are several cell phone pics I’ve taken over the past couple of months of things that make me happy.  (Yes, I realize these are all external/material things…next step is identifying those intangible things that make me tick)

I appreciate the hell out of books.  I’ve always thought I was too impatient for novels so I’ve stocked up on coffee table books (see below), but I’m craving words lately.  I need to visit the library.

coffee table books

I used to be super-impulsive when it came to making decisions just to hurry up and *have* something.  Lately I’ve found it takes me a lot longer to make decisions because I know exactly what I want and don’t want to settle.  Case in point: I saw my perfect curtains in my head, and I didn’t give in to “good enough.”  I found exactly what I wanted even though it took awhile.


I used to make trendy impulse decisions that I’d soon come to regret, but I’m really pleased with my tastes in décor and clothing, and I don’t go back on a decision once I’ve made it.  Illustrated below – my new dresser (Ikea – don’t judge) and my late grandmother’s chair/ottoman I’ve been waiting years to get my hands on.  We had/have similar tastes.  Smile In contrast, that chandelier picture on the chair – total trend from 3 years ago…not sure I’m keeping it.

dresser and chair

While these pictures appear all “hey, look at my stuff,” to me they’re examples of my coming to make decisions for the right reasons.  Other decisions I’ve been making lately:  saying YES to things I probably would’ve turned down a few years ago, like kayaking a few weeks ago:

kat kayaking

And camping/tubing in the mountains this past weekend (no pictures of the actual action, but here’s where the tubing took place):


In both cases I was scared shitless before I went, almost wussed out, but had a great time once I got there (though it DOES suck to camp in the rain, I’m not gonna lie).  I can tell that stepping outside my comfort zone is helping me figure myself out a little more (especially by making me realize that I AM enough and can take care of myself), so I’m gonna keep doing it.  Have you pinpointed any activities or exercises that have helped you better discover yourself?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gaining Control

I’m not going to open with an overly-enthusiastic “I’M BAAAACK!” because every time I proclaim such a thing…I end up falling off the end of the interwebs again.  I just know that too many parts of my life lately seem out of whack, and I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging for awhile, so here it goes.

My weight has stayed the same over these many months, which is quite an amazing feat considering my past history with weight maintenance and all the things that have been going on lately.

I moved into my own place almost 2 months ago, and I’m completely in love with it.  I’ve almost got everything decorated the way I want it, but my bedroom still has a way to go.  Pictures to follow if I can get my act together!

My relationship ended a few months ago and I still have no idea why.  Obviously I’m still upset about it and am trying to recover, which reeeeally sucks because I want to move on but just can’t seem to.  I don’t want to stew and suffer anymore, I just want to be happy.  So…c’mon, soul.  Heal faster.  I’m ready.

I’ve got quite a few friends who live near my new place, so I’m trying to keep busy hanging out with them.  It really helps to be able to call on people when you need them most.  Case in point – I’m having a pretty emo day, and one of my closest friends around here just met me at the grocery store for a shopping date.  Whatta gal.  And two of my dearest friends just had their first baby, so I imagine/hope I’ll be visiting them a whole lot in the near future (this happens to be the most recent picture I’ve got of myself):


I need to get back to exercising, both for my body and psyche.  There are a couple of parks near me that have walking trails, and my gym membership grants me access to a branch on this side of town, but it’s mustering up the energy to actually GO and the courage to face the crowds that will inevitably be there.  Plus it’s hot as balls outside, and once I’m in my nice air-conditioned apartment, I don’t want to leave.  Just gotta suck it up.

While I’ve been considering my blog, I’ve realized I don’t want to fall into the same patterns I did with it before.  I’ll log on to TweetDeck every now and then and be amazed at some of the banal and even disordered messages being broadcast in an attempt to get readers.  I’m not trying to fit in or be any big-name-blogger anymore, I just need an outlet.  Sometimes that might mean sharing a product or recipe, but it’ll also mean branching out of the box (I hope) and talking about some non-food and non-exercise topics.  I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to post what I eat like I did when I started (since that IS one of the things I’ve been struggling with lately), but I just need some accountability and a place to vent.  But also a place to share pretty pictures, like this gluten-free Greek pizza I made Friday night:


So…here I am.  Again. Smile

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I know this sporadic posting thing isn’t really doing it for me or anyone else.  Sorry, y’all.  Life keeps getting in the way, but at the same time it doesn’t necessarily seem blog-worthy.  My meals lately have been poorly planned and either far too low or too high in calories…probably the reason why I’ve gained about two pounds in the past month or so.  Meh.  Here’s what’s new, though:

  • Stephen and I have joined a kickball league with a bunch of friends, but at our first practice I ran waaaay too hard on cold muscles and felt like my quads got ripped in half.  Ouchies.  I had to sit out the first game, and have been rocking the heating pad under my desk at work this week, but I’m looking forward to playing at our 2nd one.  Even though I’m scared shitless.  Oh and with the weather getting nicer, I’ve got the urge to start running again, but this pulled muscle thing is really putting a damper on those plans.
  • I’ve started going to yoga again.  I’m aiming for once a week to start with, and hopefully Mom will start joining me, too.  Currently my arms, pecs, and lats are screaming at me from the 80 planks we did the other night.  Yay!
  • I’m finally getting tested for gluten intolerance.  My doctor/boss has a passion for diagnosing it and has tried to get me to get tested for over a year.  Lately all my symptoms are really starting to bug me, so I’ll finally know once and for all if I need to give it up.
    And because I used to do these silly things on MySpace all the time and keep seeing people do them on blogs (yes, I still read even though I’m not diligent enough to comment or write myself!), I’m giving it a go here.
  1. Age: 27
  2. Bed size: Queen
  3. Chore you hate: by the looks of my room, putting clothes away
  4. Dogs: Miss Maddypants
  5. Essential start to your day: snoozing the 8 alarms I set the night before, then rolling over and checking facebook on my phone
  6. Favorite color: Tiffany blue
  7. Gold or silver: silver, but I’m incorporating more gold lately
  8. Height: 5’6”
  9. Instruments that you can play: I used to play piano and wish I had stuck with it
  10. Job title: Office manager
  11. Kids: none yet
  12. Live: SC
  13. Mom’s name: Susan
  14. Nicknames: Kat, KK
  15. Overnight hospital stays: don’t know if I’ve ever been held overnight…maybe when I had surgery at 2?
  16. Pet peeve: bad grammar, rude people
  17. Quote from a movie: “Skis, huh?  They yours? [yes]  …Both of ‘em?” – Dumb and Dumber
  18. Righty or lefty: Righty.
  19. Sibling: none
  20. Time you wake up: between 5 and 6 depending on the day
  21. Underwear: usually cheapy hipsters from Target do the trick
  22. Vegetables you dislike: still can’t bring myself to love brussels sprouts.  And while they might not be considered vegetables, water chestnuts can suck it.
  23. What makes you run late: not having clothes laid out in advance
  24. X-rays: just teeth and sinus CT scan
  25. Yummy food you make: everything I make is yummy  ;)
  26. Zoo favorite animal: PENGUINS. I’m going to the zoo today!!!

Hopefully y’all will hear from me again soon, and maybe I’ll have pictures next time! 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Life Goes On

Between the few lean-protein-and-nonstarchy-veggies meals I’ve TRIED eating lately, I’ve also had…

Jessica’s cake batter pancakes

cake batter pancakes

…Valentine’s Day Asian-inspired chicken, green beans, and rice (cooked by The Dude! Not unhealthy, actually…I just wanted to brag on him)…

Asian-marinated chicken, ginger and soy green beans, basmati rice

loaded baked potato alongside bacon-wrapped scallops and peas, leftovers from the parents…

baked potato, scallops, and peas

…and DiGiorno pizza, beer, and King Cake this weekend at the lakehouse.  Unpictured due to shame.

I’ve actually done pretty well at working out; I made it to the gym a couple of times last week to do cardio, and I FINALLY made it back to yoga only to realize how much I NEED it.  I had a religious experience during savasana, and I’m not a religious person.  I walked out of there high as a kite and was sore for days…I can’t wait to go back.

I think I’m getting to the point in my new job and new relationship where I’m realizing I MUST put my needs before anything else.  As much as I want to prove myself by being the employee who puts in a 60 hour week to make sure everything runs smoothly, I can’t.  As much as I want to be the Best Girlfriend in the World who makes amazingly lavish meals and lazes around watching movies all day, I can’t.  Trying to be either will compromise my health and who I am as an individual, and I’ve got to make sure I’m being the best person I can be for myself first.  Already I feel myself using food to cope with stress, and I’m trying to stop that in its tracks before it gets out of hand again.

I need to stop making excuses and explanations and start pushing myself to make the right choices, even if they’re not the easiest paths to take.  I don’t have to eat every meal out or try a new baked good recipe every day.  The opportunity will still be there tomorrow or even next week, and I’ve got to make decisions based on the long-term impact it will have as opposed to the short-term gratification it brings.

Furthermore, I’ve gotta say all that to myself 20 times every damn day, or I might never remember.

Do you have a mantra that helps you through the hard times?  Mine’s a little too verbose to get too attached to…

Saturday, February 5, 2011


What’s the best way to unwind on a Friday after a difficult week at work?

Dirty vodka martini.

dirty vodka martini

Lofton and her husband had a gig at a jazz bar in downtown Columbia last night…

Lofton singing

…so the fella and I went to enjoy some music and quality time on the squashy leather couches.



I look as tired as I feel.

I was really proud of myself this week – we had an INSANE week at work, but I still managed to go to the gym during my long lunch break on Wednesday (we have a 2-hour break on Wednesdays instead of the regular 1-hour break).  I was only able to do 20 minutes on the elliptical, but I wanted to prove to myself that I COULD make it to the gym, and a new one at that!  I tried out the branch of the Y closer to my office, and I felt so much better afterward that I’m going to try it again this week.  Maybe when it gets warmer, I’ll be able to go running on the roads around the office on my shorter lunch breaks, too. 

I don’t remember if I mentioned it, but I lost 3.5lbs at my first weigh-in after starting my new job two weeks ago, and this week, I lost 1.5.  I can tell that I’m slipping a little in my eating habits, but I’m still doing ok, so I’m not gonna complain yet!

I’m really ready to lose these last 30 pounds, especially thinking about warmer weather coming up.  I think as I develop more of a rhythm and routine at work, I’ll be more comfortable going outside of my comfort zone to exercise.  I’m already doing well eating-wise when I bring lunch to the office; it helps that I work for my weight loss physician and don’t want to stray too far from my plan!

Do you have enough time to exercise on your lunch break?  If you do, what routine do you use, and do you have an plans to help fit it in?

Monday, January 31, 2011

Boozy Techy Foodie Sunday

After a long day of car-washing and babysitting on Saturday, Stephen and I decided to kick back on Sunday and take it easy.  We made a fruity cocktail with a liquor I’ve never had before!


Cachaça is a Brazilian liquor made with fermented sugar cane, and it’s most often used in the caipirinha, a drink made with sugar and mascerated limes.  I’ve wanted to try one for awhile, so I was totally stoked when he suggested it!  I might be a total turd and try making my next one with Splenda instead of sugar.  Every little bit helps, right?

disassembled computer

I think my computer is finally in complete working order…my fan sounded like death, but The Dude fixed it for me.  Now I can take my computer out in public without being completely mortified!  And I’ve been catching up on blog-reading without fear of it bursting into flames!  Wahoo!

For dinner last night, I made a variation of Kaycee’s chicken recipe, along with oven-roasted potatoes and frozen veggies.


I haven’t done as well this week with eating as I did last week, and I have to weigh in on Wednesday…not looking forward to that one.  I’ve got to remember that just because my life has changed, my eating habits don’t have to.  There’s no excuse for falling off the wagon!  I took my running clothes to work today and actually drove to the park when I got off.  However, it was already dusk and the park was closing by the time I got there.  FAIL.  Along with budgeting calories, I’ve got to budget my time better.  I think Wednesday night, I’m just going to suck it up and try out the gym, though going at night with all the other crazies who just got off work is one of my worst fears.

What’s your favorite fruity or “special” cocktail?  Do you get wigged out like me when the gym is crowded?  I hate working out in close proximity to other people!