Boozy Techy Foodie Sunday

After a long day of car-washing and babysitting on Saturday, Stephen and I decided to kick back on Sunday and take it easy.  We made a fruity cocktail with a liquor I’ve never had before!


Cachaça is a Brazilian liquor made with fermented sugar cane, and it’s most often used in the caipirinha, a drink made with sugar and mascerated limes.  I’ve wanted to try one for awhile, so I was totally stoked when he suggested it!  I might be a total turd and try making my next one with Splenda instead of sugar.  Every little bit helps, right?

disassembled computer

I think my computer is finally in complete working order…my fan sounded like death, but The Dude fixed it for me.  Now I can take my computer out in public without being completely mortified!  And I’ve been catching up on blog-reading without fear of it bursting into flames!  Wahoo!

For dinner last night, I made a variation of Kaycee’s chicken recipe, along with oven-roasted potatoes and frozen veggies.


I haven’t done as well this week with eating as I did last week, and I have to weigh in on Wednesday…not looking forward to that one.  I’ve got to remember that just because my life has changed, my eating habits don’t have to.  There’s no excuse for falling off the wagon!  I took my running clothes to work today and actually drove to the park when I got off.  However, it was already dusk and the park was closing by the time I got there.  FAIL.  Along with budgeting calories, I’ve got to budget my time better.  I think Wednesday night, I’m just going to suck it up and try out the gym, though going at night with all the other crazies who just got off work is one of my worst fears.

What’s your favorite fruity or “special” cocktail?  Do you get wigged out like me when the gym is crowded?  I hate working out in close proximity to other people!