Life Goes On

Between the few lean-protein-and-nonstarchy-veggies meals I’ve TRIED eating lately, I’ve also had…

Jessica’s cake batter pancakes

cake batter pancakes

…Valentine’s Day Asian-inspired chicken, green beans, and rice (cooked by The Dude! Not unhealthy, actually…I just wanted to brag on him)…

Asian-marinated chicken, ginger and soy green beans, basmati rice

loaded baked potato alongside bacon-wrapped scallops and peas, leftovers from the parents…

baked potato, scallops, and peas

…and DiGiorno pizza, beer, and King Cake this weekend at the lakehouse.  Unpictured due to shame.

I’ve actually done pretty well at working out; I made it to the gym a couple of times last week to do cardio, and I FINALLY made it back to yoga only to realize how much I NEED it.  I had a religious experience during savasana, and I’m not a religious person.  I walked out of there high as a kite and was sore for days…I can’t wait to go back.

I think I’m getting to the point in my new job and new relationship where I’m realizing I MUST put my needs before anything else.  As much as I want to prove myself by being the employee who puts in a 60 hour week to make sure everything runs smoothly, I can’t.  As much as I want to be the Best Girlfriend in the World who makes amazingly lavish meals and lazes around watching movies all day, I can’t.  Trying to be either will compromise my health and who I am as an individual, and I’ve got to make sure I’m being the best person I can be for myself first.  Already I feel myself using food to cope with stress, and I’m trying to stop that in its tracks before it gets out of hand again.

I need to stop making excuses and explanations and start pushing myself to make the right choices, even if they’re not the easiest paths to take.  I don’t have to eat every meal out or try a new baked good recipe every day.  The opportunity will still be there tomorrow or even next week, and I’ve got to make decisions based on the long-term impact it will have as opposed to the short-term gratification it brings.

Furthermore, I’ve gotta say all that to myself 20 times every damn day, or I might never remember.

Do you have a mantra that helps you through the hard times?  Mine’s a little too verbose to get too attached to…