Organizational Bug and Pondering about Bingeing

This cute blue stone crock I just got from World Market makes everything taste better, not that my gumbo needed it, in my humble opinion. 

World Market Crock

Sunday was spent taking down Christmas decorations and packing them all away.  I’ve been bitten by the organizational bug lately, for better or worse, and am committed to getting rid of clutter and finding an appropriate place for everything.  It felt good to take 4 giant boxes of stuff to Goodwill and finally get them out from under my nose – I’ve been working on those boxes for weeks!

My eating habits were stellar last week, which makes my actions this past weekend all the more troubling.  I pretty much binged on chocolate and ice cream Sunday evening – a rebound effect from eating sensibly during the week?  A cry for help due to self-pity and loneliness?  I have no idea, but I’ve journaled about it and hope to nip it in the bud next time I see myself headed in that direction.  I did have wine Saturday night at a friend’s house and ended up eating dessert there…wondering if eating sweets made me crave them again?

Have you cut out sweets only to find that you no longer crave them?  Have you ever successfully pinpointed the reason for wanting to binge and stopped the action in its tracks?