Treating myself differently

I’ve had an somewhat out-of-the-ordinary week where I’ve been semi-stressed at work, and yesterday was particularly trying.  A few weeks ago, I could’ve seen myself getting off work and going to buy a DiGiorno pizza and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and “unwinding,” but last night I decided to treat myself in a healthier way.  I haven’t had salmon in awhile and was craving it, so I stopped and got one piece:

salmon for one

I had bought this brown sugar & pecan mustard at a local gift shop to include in a Christmas present for someone, but I had forgotten about it and found it last week.  So I kept it.  I’m a bad person.

 brown sugar & pecan mustard

But hey, it was fantastic on the salmon! 

salmon & acorn squash

I’ve always disliked guacamole, but I had an AMAZING batch at a local restaurant a few weeks ago, so I’ve been stuck on it ever since.  I grabbed a container last night that is nowhere near as good as the local stuff, but it’s not bad.  I thought the little label under the lid was cute:

Guacamole: "I'm chunky and proud of it!"

Do you “treat yourself” by cooking something nice after a crazy day or grab something quick from the store or a restaurant?  It’s so easy and tempting to grab something quick and comforting!