Weekend Ritual

I might be bummed sometimes about being single and lonely, but when I think about it, I’ve developed some weekend morning rituals and enjoy not having someone get in the way of them.  Either on Saturday or Sunday (sometimes both) I’ll wake up and make an omelette or frittata with tons of veggies.

onion, pepper, mushroom frittata

Then I usually sprinkle it with cheese and smother it with Texas Pete and eat while watching Fashion Police.  I love my little ritual.  Smile


frittata with cheese and hot sauce

After brunch has settled, Maddy and I usually hit the trails for a nice long hike/walk.  Today, however, we made a pitstop by PetSmart for a new leash.  She’s got a bad habit of pulling on her leash (yeah, it’s mostly my fault for not keeping up with obedience training), but this new shorter leash really helps, and it’s got padded handles and a loop very close to her harness/collar for when I need to keep her closer (passing people on a trail, keeping her from jumping into icky muddy water, etc.).

Maddy's new leash

Incidentally, does anyone have a favorite tried and true dog training book/method?

Now to bathe and gather some stuff to take to Goodwill before coming home to watch a movie and pack away Christmas stuff. Do you have any weekend rituals you really look forward to?