Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random Gourmet

It starts with a craving for scallops and access to Pinterest and ends with two recipes (Scallops with Orange Caramel Sauce and Prosciutto-Wrapped Scallops) and a bowl full of collards.
collard greens
Oh and some wedges of roasted acorn squash.
scallops and acorn squash and cat
With a side of needy cat.
Brooks begging for scallops
I had almost forgotten how much fun it was to dirty up all my dishes!  Thank goodness for Pinterest – all I had to do was search for scallop recipes and I found two relatively simple ones with a touch of fanciness.  We prepared half the scallops with the sweet caramel glaze and half with the Cajun rub and prosciutto wrap.  Awesome.
Rounding out the meal was something sweet – good old roasted acorn squash with cinnamon and Splenda brown guar – and some bold collard greens with prosciutto, onion, and balsamic vinegar.  Such a random assortment with such well-balanced flavors!
What was the last craving you used as a recipe search term?  What else did you make to go alongside your dish?  Was it random or did it all mesh pretty well?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

To new beginnings

I’ve began this post in my head a hundred times, and there’s no right way to start it.  So, I’ll just fill you in on some highlights since my last post (in COUGH **JANUARY** COUGH) and hit the ground running.  Sound good?  Good.

For my 28th birthday in February, I finally had the Oscar party I always wanted.  I think I’m going to make this a yearly tradition – it was so much fun to sit around and talk about the fashion! (Pretty much couldn’t care less about the movies)

Oscar Birthday Party

Mom was honored with a pretty fab award in April and I got to see my parents all gussied up.

Kat and parents

I’ve had some wonderful times with some very dear friends of mine and their daughter Miss G…

G's painting adventure

…and we celebrated her first birthday in early August!

G's 1st Birthday

I’m so thankful my friends have been there for me through thick and thin; they mean the world to me.

Friends on the lake

And within the past few months, I’ve fallen for this guy who seems to have been made for me:

Jason and Kat

Jason and I are working together to improve our health and both love experimenting in the kitchen.  He’s part of the reason I’ve got a renewed interest in reviving the blog, so expect to see more of the two of us here (he has strict instructions to make me post at least once a week…hopefully more). 

So now that we’re pretty much caught up to speed, here’s where we hit the ground running. 

My co-worker gave me some home-grown pears last week, so I developed a craving for the “classic” balsamic-pear-blue cheese combo.  And thus, we made a salad out of it.  Jason seared some flank steaks

Pear, steak, blue cheese, balsamic salad

…while I whipped up some quick candied pecans (melted some butter and Splenda Brown Sugar Blend over medium heat before adding pecans and some kosher salt).

Candied pecans

For some added sass, we used applewood smoked blue cheese – effectively bacon-flavored blue cheese.  Wow.

Applewood smoked blue cheese

And I doused the whole thing in balsamic vinegar before inhaling it.  It definitely hit the spot!

pear, steak, blue cheese, balsamic salad

I may have some more pears coming my way in the near future – what’s your favorite thing to do with them?  Preferably something on the savory side?  Fill me in on your biggest news since I dropped off the face of the blogosphere (yet again)!