Random Gourmet

It starts with a craving for scallops and access to Pinterest and ends with two recipes (Scallops with Orange Caramel Sauce and Prosciutto-Wrapped Scallops) and a bowl full of collards.
collard greens
Oh and some wedges of roasted acorn squash.
scallops and acorn squash and cat
With a side of needy cat.
Brooks begging for scallops
I had almost forgotten how much fun it was to dirty up all my dishes!  Thank goodness for Pinterest – all I had to do was search for scallop recipes and I found two relatively simple ones with a touch of fanciness.  We prepared half the scallops with the sweet caramel glaze and half with the Cajun rub and prosciutto wrap.  Awesome.
Rounding out the meal was something sweet – good old roasted acorn squash with cinnamon and Splenda brown guar – and some bold collard greens with prosciutto, onion, and balsamic vinegar.  Such a random assortment with such well-balanced flavors!
What was the last craving you used as a recipe search term?  What else did you make to go alongside your dish?  Was it random or did it all mesh pretty well?