Sunday Grocery Stock-Up

After a nice walk at the park with the dude and dog…

Sunday stroll at the park

…we went and bought ALL THE THINGS at the grocery store.  It helps so much with both budget and diet when we make a big grocery trip at the beginning of the week.


And that was probably half of it.  For dinner tonight, I sautéed some onions and garlic with some yellow cherry tomatoes (they explode in then pan!) and added steam-in-bag green beans and balsamic vinegar.

tomatoes in the pan  green beans and tomatoes

We had that alongside some leftover broccoli, some collards I cooked all afternoon, and steak with horseradish sauce while we watched We Are the Millers – pretty funny albeit predictable.


I didn’t quite get everything done today that I’d hoped, but I still feel pretty accomplished.  I got a giant pile of clothes put away and some arm-strengthening exercises done.  Nothing brag-worthy though, so I’m going to write up an actual to-do list for this week so I can cross things off.  I do so much better when I have a plan to stick to!