ISO Entryway Table

So we've owned our home for 7 months now and have lived here for all but 6 weeks of those months. We packed so much into the first few months - getting rid of popcorn ceilings and wallpaper, patching drywall and painting, redoing our kitchen cabinets and countertops - that when we finally got to a point where we were comfortable, we've kinda stalled on making progress. Not a bad thing, necessarily - we deserved a break, and some design decisions require you live in the space for awhile before making up your mind. Anyway, I'm itching to tie up some loose ends, and I've got my eye out for a couple pieces of furniture - a table for our entryway and a small cabinet for china in our dining area. Today after a dentist checkup I went browsing again for the entryway piece and wanted to share some examples of what I'm looking for. I love daydreaming about fixing up interesting finds from consignment and antique stores and doing interior design!