Too many calories, still too many carbs

It's taking me awhile to get into the swing of things with this keto-for-weight-loss schtick.  At first I was just, "all the meat and cheese and butter you can handle!!" but it appears as though I really DO need to be paying attention to calories as well.


In the nearly 2 weeks since I've begun, I've only lost a couple of pounds, and I keep flirting with ketosis (according to my pee sticks, which I know are not super-accurate) but have not entered and solidly stayed there.  I've gone above my carbs limit a few days because I'm not accurately planning ahead.  Instead, I just have stuff on hand that I'll grab, but starting today, I am switching up my strategy.

From now on, I'm solidly planning my day on in the morning so I'll know the basics of what carbs I'm working with, and can have some "swing snacks" handy that won't impact my carb level too much.  Yesterday my heavy-hitting carb dishes were romaine lettuce (nearly 4), cherry tomatoes (3.5), eggplant (nearly 9.5), and mozzarella cheese (3).  I "allowed" myself some mustard-based BBQ sauce at lunch which I knew would give me some extra carbs (4), not realizing how high my dinner eggplant would!

I think I'm having a hard time letting go of the old "3 square meals a day" mindset when I really don't need to get stuck in that pattern.  I'm still encouraged that eating keto will give me a better opportunity to practice intuitive eating; I have a bad habit of eating because it's "time to," not because I'm hungry.  So overall I'm discouraged in myself but still encouraged by the diet.  I know it'll give me a better handle on insulin regulation/hunger as well as the aforementioned intuitive eating, so I'm not giving up.

For you keto-ers, did you find yourself in a similar predicament in the beginning?  Has it gotten easier for you?