About Me

Hi, everyone!  I'm Katherine (a.k.a., Kat) and I'm chronicling my weight loss here at Low-Fat Kat (and on Twitter at LowFatKat).  My highest weight was around 270lbs at the end of graduate school and my lowest was about 150lbs at the end of high school.  I'm trying to get back in shape the right way through diet and exercise while making lasting lifestyle changes that will help me maintain my weight.

I'm a South Carolina native and a two-time graduate of Clemson University.  I received my BS in Health Sciences in 2006 and minored in Sociology, and in 2008 I received an MA in Professional Communication with an emphasis in Health Communication.  My master's thesis was about the impact of virtual communities and social network on improving health outcomes.  Currently I manage a bariatric weight loss office in Columbia, SC. 

I'm into running, yoga, geocaching, cooking, crafts, photography, and other random crafts here and there.  I'd like to work on cardio endurance and strength, as well as developing healthy habits for dealing with stress!  I have two sweet black-and-white babies:

And a handsome hubby who motivates me, inspires me, cooks with me, runs with me, and pushes me every day to love myself more.

Check out my weight history for more about how I got to where I am today.