The Society Series

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  • "Relationships and the Numbers on the Scale: A Correlation"
    • While Beth didn't write this post for the Society Series, I asked her if I could include it because it's such a touchy subject. I've heard several bloggers and tweeters rant about this topic from opposing viewpoints. Certainly our relationships don't MAKE us fat, but how do we explain the correlation between couplehood and gaining weight? Better yet, how do we fix it?
  • "Plus-Sized?"
    • When did normal, average sizes become plus-sizes in the fashion world? Ascribing labels to models different than those given to "real women" has created a confounded, damaging system, and Fallon calls for a change in labeling models that would more closely match us ladies in the real world.
  • "Normal?  What's That?"
    • If Argentinean beauty queens are killing themselves to look like an "ideal" beauty, what hope is there for the rest of us? What dictates normalcy - what we see on magazine covers, or our actual averages? Why are women aspiring to a false norm when it comes to weight? Is it possible to throw out this model?
  • "The Double Standard of Dating"
    • Why is it more acceptable for the larger one in a heterosexual relationship to be the man? Is it because of outdated gender roles, or does society put more pressure on women to be thin than their partners? 
  • "To Compliment or Not Compliment?"
    • Why did I get upset that I wasn't getting any compliments on my weight loss? Is it too taboo a topic?
  • Guest post on Then Heather Said's "More Than" Series
    •  This wasn't written for The Society Series, but since it kind of fits (and because Heather's a rockstar), I'm including the link.  Loosely based on my master's thesis on virtual communities in healthcare, I talk about how my blogging community has helped me so far on my weight loss journey and how it compares to my sources of social support in real life.
  • ABC Family's "Huge"
    • A quick recap and first impression of how the show portrays kids at a fat kid camp
    • "When They STOP Mentioning It"
      • People engaged in weight loss (especially women) start to thrive on external compliments and positive attention regarding our weight loss, but what happens when those compliments stop? Three things to keep in mind when others stop mentioning your weight loss success.
    • "Can Fat Be Sexy?"
      • Can fat girls be perceived as "sexy" by society as a whole?  Only on a "fat fetish" level?  How does this relate to the "fat acceptance" movement, and does that movement cover up deeper health concerns that overweight people should have?
    • "You Are Beautiful"
      • It's hard for us "regular" people to feel beautiful these days - society/Hollywood/marketing hype puts beauty on an unreachable pedestal, and as a result, we're dieting earlier, developing eating disorders, getting plastic surgery to fit these impossible molds.  When was the last time someone told you you were beautiful?  When was the last time you told someone else they're beautiful?  Start trying to break the chain of unrealistic ideals of what's "beautiful."